Doreen’s storytelling is mined from personal experience but delivered to reflect universal human truths. She speaks about the intersectionality of race, autism, and parenting in ways that resonate with audiences as varied as college students, healthcare professionals, teachers, and CEOs of multinational corporations.

“Doreen’s talk about autism, racism, corporate America, and motherhood left a lasting impact not only in my mind, but in my heart.  She exposed her soul in sharing what the world looks like as a parent through the challenges our children face, and through these stories, passed on the responsibility for creating a brighter future to anyone lucky enough to be in the audience that day.”
–   Alan Wexler, CEO, Publicis.Sapient

“Doreen Oliver pulls you into her story and ensures that you come away with a new understanding not just of her situation, but of your own. Funny, serious, sad, ultimately uplifting; deeply personal and yet also universal.”
 Eric Jillard, World Economic Forum

“Doreen headlined our event, delivering a touching, powerful and hilarious story that kept our audience riveted. Her authentic way of touching upon themes we can all relate to even without having directly experienced was a delight. Her words and delivery entwined beautifully in a charismatic and very human experience.”
 Jessica Weiss, Publisher, Trix Magazine

Topics include:

  • Parenting
  • Autism
  • The effects of bias on children
  • Navigating life’s challenges
  • The stories we tell ourselves about other people that can lead to the dehumanization and harm of our neighbors and children

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