So I went to the supermarket in my workout clothes and “The Struggle is Real” tank top. By the hot bar, I see an older guy that used to play in some shows I produced. He was a little more haggard and rough looking than I remembered, but I know he had battled cancer at least twice since I last worked with him. So I go up to him with a hug and say, “Hey, [first name, last name]! How are you?” He hugs me back and then kisses me on the cheek. That felt weird so I stepped back and looked at him closely – shaggy beard, pants sagging, plastic BERNIE cap atop his head. “Are you [first name, last name}?” And he said, “No, but I’m happy to get to know you. What’s your name? ” and looked me up and down with a smile. I quickly pushed my shopping cart away, internally screaming….

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